As a way to illustrate some of the shots and sequences I’m writing about, I have been and will be posting clips from YouTube and other sources. Of course, I do not have nor claim to have the rights to any of these clips. They are for educational purposes only.

And while I’m thankful that there are so many clips online that make it easy, I’m also painfully aware that ripping a movie from a DVD or another electronic source and posting it for a free viewing thereby subverting having to pay the people who made it  – this is essentially piracy.

I know there’s a vigorous debate about all this, so I’m just going to say – please don’t rip off stuff and post it online. I’ve had my own movies ripped off and used without permission and compensation – often by the very people who were reluctant to fund our filmmaking endeavors in the first place. There’s a special type of scorn I have for those people, exploiting the (usually broke) independent filmmakers of the world. I know the big studio films may not feel the pinch from this stuff as much, but I do believe in karmic retribution so I’m going to implore you to think twice about this sort of thing.

Additional disclaimers:

  1. All these posts presume the reader knows the film or is at least prepared to have the plot ruined if he/she has not seen it yet.
  2. I’m not pouring over grammatical errors as much as I would like, so there will perhaps be typos. Funny ones, too.
  3. I’m no film critic, just a simple maker of films.
  4. Prolonged exposure to computers is possibly bad for your eyeballs and posture, but I have no medical evidence to back that up.

May the Force (or Schwartz) be With you.